With powerhouse gaming laptop: this portable notebook computer, built with advanced 6th generation intel quad core i7 cpus and windows 10, packs all the firepower you need to defeat your enemy and at under $1010 price you’d expect lenovo y700 storage geforce 80nv00q8us to be quite a deal. It looks like a good gaming laptop for us but other laptop computers review could be says otherwise.

The apple mnyk2ll macbook processor version is one of a great laptop computers at under $1310 price with a nice of gaming laptop appearance. It is 1.2ghz dual-core intel core m3 processor with turbo boost up to 3.0ghz.

The alienware area 51 i9 7920x 2 9ghz is easily the best deal for under $8010 price and has high points from gaming computer users. The combination of intel 7th gen and reasonable price makes it one of a particular desktop computers to choose on the market.