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If you are looking for gaming mouse that ?7 adjustable dpi levels: easily to switch among 7 dpi (600-1000-1600-2400-3200-5400-7200dpi).the flashing light indicates which dpi level you are.freely select the color you prefer for the current dpi level via software, you can put this echtpower optical adjustable buttons professional mac to your pc gaming mice list. It looks like a good choice with affordable price.

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The edota professional colorful breathing notebook is a perfect pc gaming mice choice for people who want ergonomic design- fits naturally in your hand;no function of programming, long-term use without fatigue.. It’s a nice model gaming mouse for affordable price.

The ergonomic breathing changing adjustable precision pc looks like a good gaming mouse for us but other pc gaming mice review maybe says otherwise. With 7 adjustable dpi?improve your gaming behavior with 7 speed dpi adjustment,up to 7200 dpi(600-1000-1600-2400-3200-5400-7200). and at affordable price you’d expect it to be quite a deal.

Some of the ergonomic ixcc extremely responsive buttons features are usb optical gaming mouse with adjustable dpi 1000 / 1600 / 2400 / 3200 / 5500 corresponds and 5 led colors red / blue / green / sky blue / white. that come with this gaming mouse are very interesting pc gaming mice features. It’s still affordable price.

At affordable price, the aula professional backlight notebook computer is one of a perfect pc gaming mice choice on the market nowadays. This is a great gaming mouse for you who want authentic aula brand products, white color piano painting finish outlook, and high quality optical engine ic inside, make this mouse reliable connectivity, smooth and responsive tracking, great gaming performance, absolutely different with other aula clone mice. and don’t want spending a fortune.

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The enhance button gaming cyling colors tries to deliver a great gaming mouse features at less than $50 price. This pc gaming mice is 6 button gaming mouse: built with quick actions, and key mapping in game.